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Radio - Valves - Old Computers - Diamond Styli - Capacitors - Chips

MECHANICAL Revolution counter. This item has been made for the position indicator of a cassette player and has a non integer relationship between the input and the display, all different. 3 for 5.95p 

Octal Valve Bases
Black bakelite, conventional type ..........5.25 each

The Cardiac Cardboard Computer
Its true, a (non-electronic) computer made from cardboard? We believe that this is the very best way to learn about what really happens inside a computer processor. Accompanied by an extremely well written book, I have supplied this item to an IBM training establishment. More information can be had at:-

Slides and windows behave like registers giving a realistic and easy to grasp introduction to what really happens at the machine level in a computer. After using the computer and doing the exercises described in the well-written book, high level programming and applications can seem quite trivial. Watch out Intel!!!! ..............15.45



Ferrite Rod Aerials, three different 6.99 At Least one will have a long wave winding

Ferrite Rod Selection; five assorted sizes 3.99 Quite good quality Far Eastern manufactured items 

Polyvaricon Polystyrene Dielectric Variable Capacitors Selection: Five off at least three different; 7.99

10mm Inductor Selection; fifteen, at least ten different types. 4.49

Indoor Aerial FM aerial with 300 Ohm downlead 5.75


Valves  Check for availability and price

ECH84 Siemens
EF183 Mazda
PC86 Mullard
PC88 Mullard
PC900 Mullard 
PCL82 Mullard and Thorn
PL36 Mullard Qty 2
PL82 Mazda
UCL86 or P641


Diamond Record Player Styli

Acos GP 91,92,93,94,95,96 12.99
ADC K series SR Diamond 12.25
ADC K Series or diamond 6.99 
Akai F3100 13.99
Aiwa AN36 12.99
Audio Technica AT 21 12.25
Audio Technica AT 10 SR Diamond 12.99 
Audio Technica AT 11 Original diamond 14.99
Audio Technica AT - 6 - 7D Stereo . SR Diamond 12.99
Audio Technica" ATN 340 12.99
Audio Technica" ATN 71 ATN 72 12.99
Audio Technica" ATN 271 12.99
BSR ST 10 13.99
BSR ST 12/12/15 14.99
Coner RCS LENCOPOP SA 13A RPC1000 14,99
Exel N700ER 11.99
Garrard KS40A 14.99
Garrard G551 Sonotone 2100 12.99
Goldring G-850 19.99
Hitachi HT205 12.99
Hitachi HT103 13.99
Kenwood n45 13.99
National epc-09sta 13.99
NEC LP5100D 13.99
Phillips GP-397 13.99
Phillips GP-212/GP-214 11.99
Pioneer PN110 MK2 13.99
Pioneer PNk85 13.99
Sansui SN-37 13.99
Sanyo ST37D 11.99
Sanyo ST107/ST4480 12.99
Sanyo STG9 14.99
Sanyo STG7 14.99
Sharp STY116 12.99
Sonotone 9TAHD 14.99
Sonotone V100 13.99
Sony ND-1149 12.25 
Sony ND 150G 12.99 
Sony ND 1436LUM32G 12.99 
Sony ND200 13.99 
Supraphon E100 13.99 
Toshiba N210CEX 14.99 
Vaco Piezo SC501 13.99





Multilayer Capacitors 47nF (473M) 500pcs

47nf caps  


Manufactured by MURATA ERIE Electronik GMGH

Working Voltage 50VDC - resin dipped 0.2" pitch - Z5U


Post and packing 2.50



TTL Unused, made by various manufacturers including Texas Instruments Includes at least 5 different types …………………………………………10 for 2.75 or 100 for 14.75

CMOS Unused, made by various manufacturers including Motorola Includes at least 5 different types ………………………………………10 for 2.75 or 100 for 14.75


DRAM 4164-150 150ns access 64K. Unused, made by Texas Instruments 3.05 each or 10 for 18.25

EPROM 27128-200 200ns access Unused high quality Mitsubishi and Hitachi devices 2.49 or 10 for 11.25

EPROM 27256-200 200ns access Unused high quality Mitsubishi and Hitachi devices 3.49 or 10 for 18.75